Western Kentucky University

Bowling Green, Kentucky

Delta Zeta Pi Chi Chapter


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Thank you for your interest in Delta Zeta’s Recruitment! My name is Sydney Riley and I serve the Pi Chi chapter as the Vice President of Membership. It is my honor and privilege to help bring home new women to our chapter each semester. Since the founding of our chapter in 2015, it has been amazing to watch our chapter grow because of the women who have chosen to become a part of the Pi Chi chapter. We take pride in the accomplishments of our organization as a whole, but the dedication of each individual Delta Zeta has made this chapter what it is today – a family of diverse, driven, and passionate women who strive to build each other up. 


Recruitment can be overwhelming but it is supposed to be a time of getting to know the women of WKU's Greek Life. You will be invited to attend each sorority's events, and there are women within each chapter who want to welcome you as a “sister." While I can’t promise you that the experience isn't stressful at times, I can promise that you will be able to find your home wherever it is meant to be. You’ll realize that the awesome woman who eased your fears about climbing the hill or getting from class to class on time could potentially be your big sister. You’ll start to refer to the people you meet as friends, and some of the best memories you make in college will be with your sisters. 


We can’t wait to meet you in August for Fall 2019 Recruitment, and hope that recruitment exceeds all of your wildest expectations. Until then, have a great summer break!