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Delta Zeta Pi Chi Chapter


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Becoming a member of the Delta Zeta Sorority allows young women the unique opportunity to form lifelong friendships with women who encourage each other in the pursuit of knowledge, values-based living, and social responsibility. 


When your daughter accepts her bid to join Delta Zeta, she will begin the New Member Education period, where she will learn about the history, mission, values of the sorority. The New Member Education program is designed to instill the values of lifelong learning, leadership, service, and sisterhood. 


Statistically, Greek women possess a higher GPA and are more likely to stay in school than their non-Greek peers. At WKU, Delta Zeta women average a higher GPA than the average GPA of all women at WKU. It is the ambition of Delta Zeta that each woman work toward scholastic excellence and achievement. Academics are always a top priority of this organization.


Each member is expected to maintain at least a 2.7 GPA. Women who do not meet this standard must work with the Academics Chairwoman to create a study plan, establish study hours, and find resources across campus to assist them with their academic improvement. Women who fall below the minimum GPA are not allowed to hold elected office within the sorority and are sometimes not allowed to participate in social activities.


It is not the goal of Delta Zeta to monopolize your daughter's time. It is the sorority's belief that each woman should be actively involved in her campus and community beyond her participation in activities related to Greek life. Every Delta Zeta member is involved in at least one campus organization outside of Greek life with the goal of strengthening her leadership, citizenship, and personal development. ‚Äč


Delta Zeta women participate in Being More, a four-year peer-led personal leadership development experience. This experience allows women to participate in programs that assist their personal growth and development in the areas of Communication, Personal Life Balance, Relationships, Critical Thinking, and Conflict Resolution. 


Chapter meetings are held weekly and allow members to stay informed and engaged with the business of the chapter. Rituals are practiced, goals are established, decisions are made, and leaders are born in these meetings. Educational mini-workshops on topics such as academics, social media, community service, leadership, and risk management are also provided during the standard meeting time. 


Participation in any organization requires a financial commitment by its members so that the organization can meet its various expenses. The majority of dues and fees stay within the chapter to support recruitment, sisterhood retreats, conference fees, and other chapter activities. A small percentage is sent to the national organization to cover administrative services, leadership support, and national programming. Another small percentage is set aside for future housing. Members who fail to uphold their financial obligations are not allowed to vote on chapter business and unable to hold office.


Delta Zeta is a premier women’s organization that empowers members for life. There are currently more than 260,000 alumnae worldwide. Many of those women stay involved in Delta Zeta through alumnae chapters, chapter associations, and through the advisory boards of collegiate chapters. They are resources, mentors, and role models for the collegiate members. 


Alumnae also support collegians by providing scholarships through the Delta Zeta Foundation.


Delta Zeta recognizes hazing as a most destructive and meaningless activity, inconsistent with the standards of the sorority. Hazing demeans the individual and undermines the values, ideals, and principles that Delta Zeta women hold dear. There shall be no hazing in Delta Zeta Sorority.


Women are taught during the New Member period how hazing is defined, what it looks like, and the negative consequences of hazing. Additionally, the Sorority works to educate its members about the dangers of alcohol and substance abuse through its “i Have a Choice” education program.


Any member guilty of any type of hazing activity will face disciplinary action.


Delta Zeta works hard to ensure that all social events are both fun and safe for all members. The Clutch system, which stores information on risk prevention in a safe and secure place where members can reference it whenever issues arise, is used to plan all socials. 


Clutch is an online system that members use to plan social events that are compliant with all Delta Zeta National Policies and Procedures, including the Code of Regulations, Constitution, Standing Rules and Policies, and Fraternal Information and Programming Group, Inc. policies to prevent high-risk situations from occurring.


Learn more about the solutions presented by the Clutch application by visiting the Delta Zeta national website.